Frae meaning “from” in old scots is the latest newcomer to the growing frozen yogurt market. First opening its doors in summer 2008, Frae has become a much visited destination in north London. Selling a selection of frozen yogurts with a choice of fresh seasonal fruits, Frae is a fat free indulgence that is catching the attention of a new generation of health conscious consumers.

Although offering a very high quality product, Frae needed a stronger brand and store identity, with which to roll the concept out across the capital. Creating the brief, we worked alongside the client to produce a concept that built upon the character and personality that had already been established.

Avoiding the cliches that are common in this industry, we introduced a bold marque that gives Frae a strength and authority that works both in store and out. Playing on the health benefits of the product the store concept includes a fresh palette of colours, which are balanced by the warmth and tradition of the timber milking stools, and cork tiled wall.

Basing the design on a modular kit of parts, we were able to demonstrate how easily the concept could be implemented into different locations and store formats.

Frae1 Frae4 Frae3