Sometimes projects present themselves that are just to good to be true. XploreAir was one of them and started with a meeting with co-collaborator Yannick Read. After a conversation about the limitations and high cost of personal aircraft, the Paravelo was born. Fusing together a powered paraglider and the versatility of a folding bicycle the Paravelo is a completely autonomous vehicle perfect for exploring on land and in the air. The concept was designed to also pack down so that it could be transported by car.

Apart from co designing and manufacturing a fully working prototype, we also created the name, brand marque and website evoking the spirit of freedom and adventure. The Brand marque was used on the final pre-production model, and all promotional material.

Within 3 days of launching the Paravelo to the world media, we had received global interest and received over 100k hits on our promo video, along with radio and TV appearances.

XploreAir continues to develop the Paravelo along with other equally unusual vehicles for land and air.